Dave Lighty’s All-Time Favorite Hoopers

a20e80020d1fd13fa62054a0fbf4b9bee6f62368Shoutout to my brother Dave Lighty.  The previous feature that I did on him got great reviews so we decided to partner up for Part 2.  This is his list of All-Time favorite players.  I completely agree with it, except since he cheated with combining players at the #4 spot, I would have done the same thing and added Jesus Shuttlesworth in there somewhere combined with another player.  Dave is spending the 2012-2013 season playing in France for JSF Nanterre.  Keep living the dream my homie!  Follow him at on Twitter @OSULighty23 and Instagram: The_DLighty  Here is the countdown.

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#5  Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway – Potentially one of the most forgotten great players in the NBA.  He was a hybrid of Scottie Pippen and LBJ.  Too bad that he is known more now for Foamposites than his game, but non-the-less he is one of Dave’s fav’s.

#4 Allen “The Answer” Iverson/Kobe Bean Bryant – Dave decided to cheat with this pick.  His top 5 ended up being a Top 6, but we won’t judge.  A.I. is one of the most dynamic players to ever play this game.  He is the reason that there is a “Carrying” call in the game today.  The man litterally handled the rock like it was on a string.  He will forever be famous for 2 things,,, (1) Crossing over MJ & (2) Hitting a 3 over Tyronn Lue and stepping over him in the corner.  Kobe is the best player of our generation.  Less than 1% of the population will ever disagree with that statement.  He will forever live in my mind wearing #8 because thats when he truly dominated the league, not to mention scoring 81 points.

#3 Carmelo Anthony – Melo has been “that dude” since his days battling LeBron while at Oak Hill Academy.  He was elevated into fame by leading an average Syracuse team to national champion status.  He hasn’t been able to break through to championship status in the NBA, but he is still my favorite and one of the most prolific players in the game today.

#2 LeBron James – Dave has had an up-close-and-personal look at LeBron since Bron was a freshman at St Vincent-St. Mary.  Growing up in Cleveland, we were able to watch LeBron dominate kids from an early age.  Dave even had the privilege of playing against LeBron in his senior year while Dave was a Freshman.  Then the king decided to sponsor the uniforms of The Ohio State University’s Men’s basketball team, where Dave had an illustrious college career.

#1 Michael Jeffery Jordan – What more can I say.  Of course the G.O.A.T. is number 1 on the list.  The standard of basketball for decades to come.


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